James Bond’s Secret Lair – The World’s Coolest Data Center

  • April 19, 2021

Server farms have never been energizing spots. That is, up to this point. Its authority, the coolest server farm on the planet is the Pionen, situated in 100 feet beneath the bedrock in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially worked as an atomic dugout utilized during wartimes, it’s currently the home of a space-age, Bond-commendable server farm. 

Rather than zeroing in on equipment and workers, the fashioners of this ultra cutting edge server farm chose to zero in on people, making it a hip and fun work environment. The middle highlights nurseries, cascades, German submarine motors, recreated sunshine and it can withstand an immediate hit from a nuclear bomb. Visit :- เกมส์ฟรีios

Configuration Straight Out of the Movies 

The area of the office was the motivation for the novel plan. Building a server farm in an old atomic fortification requests something strange and an exhausting plan wouldn’t do. To discover motivation for the middle, the planners went to sci-fi films like Logan’s Run, Silent Running and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Moreover, the James Bond motion pictures were a gigantic motivation for the plan. The creator even needed to get a white feline, however understood that would be going altogether too far. 

Verbal Marketing 

One of the secret advantages for a particularly fascinating and intriguing plan is the informal showcasing it naturally creates. The space-age plan, cascades, nurseries, fake daylight and smoke machines make the server farm stick out. Since collocation is one of the administrations they offer, clients regularly visit the office. When something is this remarkable clients make certain to share what they saw with their companions and business partners. Something to that effect can’t be disregarded. Different organizations will need to look at it and see what’s so extraordinary about the middle and presto, they have another client.


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