Murder Mystery – The Ingredients For a Great Whodunit

  • April 20, 2021

A top notch murder secret story requires the able mixing of the relative multitude of fundamental fixings important to create a story which will keep us enthusiastically turning the page straight up the last end result. Before the finish of the story, we may regularly feel certain that we have recognized the antagonist of the piece (It was Miss Scarlet with the Rope in the Conservatory!) just to find that once more, the fleece has been pulled over our eyes and it was truth be told Colonel Mustard with the Dagger in the Billiard Room. Furthermore, on the uncommon events when our deductive abilities really empower us to show up at the right arrangement the fulfillment is huge, we are super investigators! Visit :- สรุปการท่องเที่ยว

So what are a portion of the essential parts that make for an ideal whodunit? First and foremost and clearly, there must be MURDER, in any event one however ideally at any rate three. Contingent upon the storyline, these might be by a similar strategy (likewise with a chronic executioner) or with totally various weapons and situations. The last is perhaps the really fascinating, in light of the fact that albeit the killer may utilize various methods of executing, the sort of wrongdoing ought to be something very similar (shark or thoroughly examined, for example) This should empower us to derive the character qualities of the killer (continually recalling that the person likely could be concealing their real essence) and this information is a CLUE to the personality of the blameworthy party. 

Pieces of information are a fundamental component of a homicide secret. There are the actual pieces of information – things found at the location of the crime, critical reports found in the casualty’s belongings, sloppy shoe prints, lipstick follows on a wine glass, a new slit on somebody’s wrist – the rundown is perpetual. What’s more, there are the signs that can be gotten by the wrongdoing solver by, say, tuning in to what the hero say. Has this man negated a past proclamation? Did this lady lie about her relationship with the dead man? All little bits of the jigsaw; which when set together make the total picture. Except if obviously at least one of them is a RED HERRINGS. 

The RED HERRING is a real ploy utilized by the scholars of homicide secrets to make us look in every one of some unacceptable spots, and it frequently succeeds. Normally, we understand our error decently fast, frequently on the grounds that the individual that the distraction made us suspect is knock off; thus we direct our concentration toward another SUSPECT. 

Most likely about six SUSPECTS is the ideal number, every one of whom ought to at the beginning seem to have had the intention, means and freedom to carry out the violations. Generally we have disposed of (properly or wrongly) everything except a couple before the finish of the book, at which time the DETECTIVE will uncover what truly occurred.


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