Solid glass paperweights appear to belong to once more. 

  • May 12, 2022

Yet there are lots of paperweight collectors in recent times. What attracts lenders to the diminutive global of paperweights? Nothing is as beautiful or mysterious as a handcrafted paperweight, specially if it have become ordinary with the aid of a master glass artist.

A Glass Family

Growing up in a tumbler circle of relatives, I developed a love for paperweights early in life. By the time I changed into fourteen years antique, I became amassing my uncle’s paperweights. He modified right into a glassblower and proprietor/operator of Hamon Glass Company in Scott Depot, West Virginia. My uncle, Robert L. Hamon, became regarded for his tremendous paperweights.

Other individuals of my circle of relatives have made paperweights, as properly, but none were more intense than my uncle.

Rose Paperweights

Robert L. Hamon made a super paperweight referred to as the Hamon cut rose. Different than a crimp rose, a hand reduce rose is extra stunning. Each petal is for my part usual with the useful resource of cutting in four locations a small blob of hot glass, that is encased in crystal. The Hamon roses nearly appeared real, floating in a faceted slab of crystal, their petals flanked thru beautiful green leaves. He made rose paperweights in severa sunglasses, in conjunction with ruby and orange, however my Visit :- เทคนิค แทงบอลสด

My uncle made sulfides, cane weights and ice pick out paperweights. The latter were maximum interesting to me, as a more youthful man. Gorgeous crystal protected twisted, swirling abstract paperwork. No  had been ever alike. These had been usually dome-fashioned, and had been not often faceted, not like the alternative weights he made. Faceting creates little home home windows through which you could view the load’s interior. And, as a bonus, the aspects create masses of light reflections, which give the weights a positive mystique.

What a passion Robert had for hand made paperweights. Some of his sulfides may be discovered in the collections of former Presidents of the united states and other dignitaries. For some years, avid collectors sold his weights and displayed them prominently in their homes and companies.

A Dazzling Display

While I loved the esteemed paperweights of famous glass stores, together with Baccarat and St. Louis, none have been more thrilling to me than my uncle’s paperweights. I loved to visit his studio in which actually hundreds of his paperweights had been on super display. Some have been sitting on small bases which shot a beam of slight via the glass, growing a remarkable impact. Inside every glass globe there was a charming international of coloration, character and form.


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